Restoration Services

While all of our projects are restorative to some degree, in that they aim to reestablish some of those ecological functions which have been lost directly or as a consequence to human development, we also design and install more intentional landscapes such as meadows and woodlands that serve to contribute to ecological services which extend well beyond the boundaries of individual properties. We understand that individual properties are part of a much larger landscape mosaic and that efforts need to be taken to understand their contextual relationship within that system, how material and energy flows through the landscape and how individual properties can best be integrated to preserve those relationships.


Warm season grasses and wildflower meadows offer rich, beautiful and dynamic landscapes that continually change throughout the seasons and over the years.  In addition to serving as wildlife habitat, food and nectar resources, sinks for carbon sequestration, and repositories for storm water, they also provide an alternative to energy and resource intensive turf grass, typically offering a return of investment within 3-4 years. 


Woodlands are critical ecosystems in our developed landscapes as they provide a variety of services including habitat, flood control, nutrient uptake, water quality protection, and wildlife corridors, among others. 



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